Eravikulam Wildlife Sanctuary

General Information
Total Area 97 sq. km.
Best time to visit October - March.
Accommodation Hotel & Guest Houses.
Nearest Town Munnar (13 km).
How to get there Train: Aluva (120 km), Air: Kochi (148 km).
Species found Gaur, Indian Muntjac and Sambar Deer, Golden Jackal, Jungle Cat, Wild dog, Dhole, leopard and tiger.

Eravikulam National Park is a 97 sq km national park located along the Western Ghats in the Idukki district of Kerala in India.

The Western Ghats, Anamalai Sub-Cluster, including all of Eravikulam National Park, is under consideration by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee for selection as a World Heritage Site. The main body of the park consists of a high rolling hill plateau with a base elevation of about 2,000 m. The terrain consists of high altitude grasslands interspersed with sholas. Anamudi (2695 m, the highest peak in India south of the Himalayas is inside this park. Many perennial streams criss-cross the park. They merge together to form tributaries of the Periyar river and Chalakudiyar River on the west and the east flowing Cauvery River in Tamil Nadu. Lakkom Water falls is in this region.

Twenty six species of mammals have been recorded in the park including the largest surviving population of Nilgiri Tahr, estimated at about 750 in number. The other ungulates are Gaur, Indian Muntjac and Sambar Deer. Golden Jackal, Jungle Cat, Wild dog, Dhole, leopard and tiger are the main predators. Some little known animals such as Nilgiri langur, Stripe-necked Mongoose, Indian Porcupine, Nilgiri Marten, small clawed otter, Ruddy Mongoose, and (Funambulus sublineatus) Dusky striped squirrel are also found. Elephants make seasonal visits.